Simple, Safe, Employee Property Management.

A maintenance and tenant service company that truly works for you.

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  1. Personal

    We tailor our private concierge services to your needs, including cleaning with the safest, most effective cleaners for our health and environment and yard maintenance to your specifications. We limit our clientele to focus on quality of service over quantity of customers.

  2. Flexible

    We offer flexible scheduling options for regular service, with short term changes of service when you go on vacation or travel for family emergencies. You control what happens day or night, using our client portal to communicate with crews and dispatch as your needs change.

  3. Safe & Secure

    Our employees receive annual background checks, drug screening, and credit checks, have photo IDs, and are trained to be respectful and care for your needs. We also schedule staff to so the same people clean your home every time.

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Communication Done Right

We handle tasks of varying complexity, with professionalism at every step, and follow through with long-term tasks efficiently. Our practices include:

  • Dispatch teams you can talk to.
  • Detailed logs of all access to your home.
  • Updates on work performed, issues, and material orders.
  • Technology that connects you, your property, and us transparently.
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We are Experts

Las Vegas Home Management is a team of professionals with decades of experience in residential properties. Our service grew from our own frustrations with property management companies.

Our backgrounds include experience from developing and maintenance, serving our own portfolio of residential homes. Our experience teaches us that innovation and attention to detail work hand in hand in modern property management.

Interested in Las Vegas Home Management?

If our background and values speak to you, reach out and let us know your needs. We’re very grateful to have many happy clients, but would love to learn more about you and your property. Please be patient as we always serve our existing clients first, and we favor a thorough, considered response to your message over a rushed and incomplete response.